Minutes Converence Call, November 17

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Global Task:

  • Each leader writes a paragraph on the progress before Sunday night.

Synchronize the experiments in each subtask so that people do comparable experiments

  • Every group holds a private skype when necesarry
  • Important thing is that experiments are comparable

Subtask 1: Morphogenesis

  • Wenguo has improved his representation to include different connection rotations and heterogeneity
  • Yao: done some experiments in its simulator; working with Ronny to integrate his findings.


  • Michele: Before sunday evening, paragraph summarizing progress.
  • Wenguo: Create mutation, crossover. He will send them to Christopher who will help make them good

Subtask2: Organism Control

  • Until November 30 everyone can use their own simulator
  • By December 15 the solution should be running in Robot3D
  • We postpone the decision until December 15th, as we need to be able to compare them and for that they need to run in the same simulator
  • Everyone needs to be careful that 2 weeks to port your code may be short, so you should look into porting it sooner.


  • Juergen: Before sunday evening, paragraph summarizing progress.
    • Everyone: Send a short text (max 5 - 10 lines) on the progress you made
  • Juergen has an implementation in his own simulator and will implement On-Line On-board evolution there first, and then move on to Robot3D
  • Evert has an implementation in Wiibots and will first implement the inclusion of sensors there, and then move on to Robot3D
  • Florian does not have his own simulator and will work in Robot3D immediately
  • Yao has an implementation in his own simulator and will move toward Robot3D
  • Ronny has an implementation in his own simulator

Subtask3: Internal Reward

  • They will adapt an implementation of the QI to create a Static version of QI.


  • Evert: Implement (he plan to do that before the week-end)
  • There will be an internal discussion after the skype.
  • Evert: Before sunday evening, paragraph summarizing progress.

Subtask 4: Simulator

  • There are still some bugs that Lutz and Vojta are working on.
    • For instance the plugin threads are currently faulty
  • The target platform for now will be Ubuntu 11.04.
    • Any bugs reported should be from this platform
  • Report any bugs to Vojta
  • We will organize a number of tutorials on using Robot3D
    • First tutorial will be somewhere next week.
    • Topics will include
      • Getting, Compiling and Running Robot3D
      • Where to write your controller code, and how to use it in the simulator
      • Some examples
  • Libor and crew have created a component which measures how fast/slow the simulation is compared to real time
  • Several scenarios have been conceptualized and will be implemented
  • First results somewhere next week (Wednesday?)
  • Libor will investigate whether a publication can be made on the simulator
    • The simulator may be a legacy of the project with desirable characteristics


  • Berend: Before sunday evening, paragraph summarizing progress
  • Berend: Confer with Anne and Vojta about bug-reporting and tracking!

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