Evolutionary Task Force

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York Meeting - 28 Oct 2011 14:02

Task Force

At the general assembly in York in October 2011 Guszti Eiben presented a plan for the evolutionary computing task force within the Symbrion project. The goal of this task force is the implementation of Grand Challenge 2 (GC2) of the Symbrion project: Origin of Species and the Emergence of Self-regulation through Open-ended Evolution

The plan is to leverage the expertise of the partners involved, to design the implementation of GC2 within the next few months. Realise this design in simulation a few months later, and realise it in real hardware a year later.

The general assembly agreed on the merrits of this plan and several partners have signed up to join this cause. The slides that Guszti Eiben presented during the general assembly can be found here.

Involved partners

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam VU
Universität Graz GRAZ
Universität Stuttgart USTUTT
University of the West of England UWE
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen UT
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique INRIA
Flanders Institute for Biotechnology VIB
Czech Technical University CVUT
Almende B.V. Almende

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