Week 3 Report


A skype meeting is scheduled on Wednesday 30 afternoon - 2:30 pm to discuss and prepare how the task force can decide between the various shape representations/evolution. [Wenguo, Yao-yao, Michele, Ronny hopefully - best wishes of recovery to you Ronny]. Are some others interested ?


(explicit representation, well-formed expression)
has implemented and tested various functions including random initialization and basic variation operators.
His code is available at: https://ipvs.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/software/repos/software/controller/uwe/og/

  • Next: documentation.


(virtual embryogeny, AHHS)
has studied the initialization step; initialization from predefined shapes (I) seems more effective at the moment than from scratch. * Ronny was ill this week.


(virtual embryogeny, GRN)
considers a fixed genome size (96kB) which includes various genes (which can be duplicated and modified). Each gene belongs to a status (growing, stable, swarm, aggregate); in growing status, in each robot cell the program searches for the marching gene, which defines the local topology desired for this cell.

  • Next: improving feedback loops to control gene duplication


(virtual embryogeny, probabilistic Cellular Automaton)
has implemented and tested the evolutionary optimization of a cellular automaton defining a shape (pgm MorphoSCA). This week, using deterministic CA, the average curves giving the max. size of the organism (resp. the number of distinct shapes) vs the number of fitness evaluations, with confidence interval, have been obtained (Files Maxsize and Distinct Shapes), attached.

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