Report Jan 16th

During the meeting on Jan. 11th, it was decided that one explicit and one implicit representation will be used for the demo. All representations will be presented, evaluated and discussed in the report.

Explicit representation

Wenguo's explicit representation is chosen as the most advanced.

implicit representations:

Virtual Embriogeny (Graz)

Ported on Robot3D (on-going), and some measurements are available:

  • Size of the genome, from 50 to 500, (depending on the complexity, not size, of organism)
  • Viability, 5 out of 1,000 random genomes
  • Needs about 150 generations of 100 individuals (10 ** 4) to reach size 10.
  • Controllability: no information yet.
  • Diversity of shapes: some examples of shape are attached to this wiki

GRN (Ghent)

GRN is an explicit representation

Cellular Automaton (Paris)

Ported on Robot3D (magic docking):

  • Size of the genome: 30
  • Viability, circa 10%
  • Max size: about 5,000 fitness evaluations to reach size 10. Improving.
  • Curves reporting number of different shapes vs number of offspring (resp. number of viable offspring), averaged out of 10 runs, are available on the slides. attached.
  • Limited controllability: small cross is OK; big cross, not yet.

Summary about implicit representations

Not all information is available yet. We have 2 possibilities:

  • Guzs decides (pros of VE: more fancy; pros of CA: simpler)
  • See if we can have all information on Jan. 19th and decide face to face.
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