SUBTASK 2 Organism Control


In week three (21.-27.Nov) we had a skype conference an Monday.
The minutes in short:

- one scene file for all controller tests:
arena: flat, 5x5 meters (50x50 KIT-robot sizes); implemented by Jean-Marc

- Organism pool: i (2 modules), I(8 modules), T (2+2+2 plus 1 middle module), H (4 modules for the horizontal bar and 2+2+2+2 modules for the "legs")

- detailed parameters (number of ticks/steps per evaluation, number of steps in total,…) are discussed later

- base class / Interface proposal or class for all controllers (provided by Evert) with a switch which is evolutionary controlled. The issue that maybe only one of the four controllers gets evolved (getting stuck in local optimum early) will be discussed next week.

CPG controller (Evert):

Proposed common controller interface, started analysis of CPG/MuPlusOne runs for varying morphologies. Initiated (with Jean Marc, who is visiting from Paris) port of CPG/MuPlusOne to robot3d and integration of sensory stimuli. Jean Marc is working on the arena and other infrastructure ('egg' mechanics in robot3d, etc).

CPG controller (Florian):

Our progress for the last week is to set up finally the simulation on several systems and we managed to integrate the controller into the simulation. My further steps are now to refine my algorithms and evaluate the performance according to the criterions stated in order to be comparable at the 15.12.2011.

GRN controller (Yao):

In this week, I am working on the duplication function of the GRN controller, meanwhile I also improved the structure of the genome. The work is focus on making more efficient feedback loops to genetic duplication. For the Robot3D, I already start to install it. ( My laptop OS is too old to the new version,so I am upgrading the OS to the support version at the moment)

AHHS controller (Juergen, Heiko):

We implemented AHHS in the FEP simulator and made first test runs in an open arena and in a maze. Fitness was measured by traveled distance. Fitness improvement was observed, thus first successful online evolution of AHHS was established. Further, we installed Robot3D on several machines in our lab. We still wait for an example controller within Robot3D and try to help with bug reports.

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