Progress report: week 28.Nov - 4.Dec


In week 28.Nov - 4.Dec people of the sub-task started to implement their approaches in Robot3D. Due to bugs the progress is quite slow. Further, the two CGP approaches are going to be merged to one.

To make the decisions of last week (parameter's of e.g., the arena, for the comparison of the organism controller approaches) more visible, they are the basis of the method section of a pdf-file which is a draft of a paper. This document should be a living document. It is stored at the Symbrion repository (publications/Papers/paperOrganismControlComparison/). Currently it looks like this: paperOrganismControl.pdf

CPG controller (Evert, Florian):

GRN controller (Yao):

AHHS controller (Juergen, Heiko):

Since proof of concept (online evolution was shown last), the implementation of the controller to Robot3D started. Due to bugs in the simulated the progress is slow.

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