Progress report: week 12.Dec - 18.Dec


In week 12.Dec - 18.Dec the approaches were ported to the Robot3D simulator. Due to the fact that we seem to be the first and only really working with Robot3D a lot of smaller and bigger problems arose with the simulator. We do our best to improve the simulator that finally our approaches really can do their jobs.

We started to discuss detail about our subtask:

Shall every agent/module in the organism have its own evolution or shall
there be one single evolution for the whole organism?

Summy, so far:

every module is evolving by its own:

pro: code is nearly finished
pro: more easily ported to the real robots
con: in evo-cluster scenario: which module should fertilize the eggs which
are met during performance?
con: the evolution of one module depends too much on the situation of the
other modules

only one "evolution-manager" per organism:

pro: this is the case in our scenario
con: we (or wait for vojta to do so) would have to implement a new
compoment in the simulator

CPG controller (Evert, Florian, Jean-Marc):

Jean-Marc implemented the approach to Robot3D. Due to problems with the ode of the simulator (makes the simulator crash) there are no measurements, yet.

GRN controller (Yao):

I am testing my controller on the Robot3D in this week, the controller could receive the feedback of the actions and evolve its functional
roles in the organism so far. meanwhile I am learning to use the simulator and debugging.

AHHS controller (Juergen, Heiko):

This week porting AHHS to Robot3D was successful. There are still problems with the simulator, thus a test for the approach - in the meaning of distance walked after finishing online evolution - was not possible, yet.

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