Progress report: week: 19.Dec - 08.Jan


In the weeks 8 and 9 (19.Dec - 08.Jan) there was a skype meeting as the 20111221. The issue was to combine the implementation to get the approaches of sub-task 2 in a good piece of Robt3D-code. Therefore some decisions for details had to be made:

We decided on testing our approaches in a scenario which is similar to the scenario of the evolution cluster with skipping stuff done in sub-task 1. This means:

  • there are organisms and eggs in the arena
  • the organism have fixed shape for per experiment
  • there is a super-controller which "evolves" (implicitly by the eggs) an integer in the range of 0-2. Each integer stands for one organism control approach. For testing, the range of the integer is 0-3 with CPG taking two values (one with random input, i.e., no sensor input).
  • each agent of the organism operates on its own genome
  • the genomes of all agents are stored together and transmitted "all the time"
  • if an egg is in sensor-range, it is fertilized

The work to do for that and partly was done over the holidays (special thanks to Jean-Marc):

  • scenario file including organism and eggs in Robot3D (jean-marc, finished 20120104)
  • evolver of super-controller with the two CPG-variants implemented (as template) in Robot3D (as a skeleton) (jean-marc, 20120104)
  • communication from organism to egg, including implementing communication range (berend, 20120110)
  • communication between agents of the organism, including operating values during runtime on the one hand and the genome on the other hand (each approach on it's own, 20120110)
  • teleporting = recruiting of other agents by the egg to build the robot (vojta or sub-task 1-people)

The code which is now provided by Jean-Marc is going to be used by the other approaches in the following week. The big switch ("super-controller") is implemented as a parameter at the moment, thus everybody can try their code.

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