Subtask2 Organism Control

Progress Report Week Two


In week two (13.-18.Nov) people worked on their approaches
and helped to debug the Robot3D simulator. In the weekly skype meeting
the comparison was postponed to the 15th of December with the
restriction that it is done in the Robot3D (if the simulator is
usable). A skype meeting was arranged for Monday next week.

CPG controller (Evert):

In addition to a very extensive set of runs where I combine mu+1 with
a central pattern generator in a 5-module organism, I ran a couple of
experiments in 4- and 3-module variants. In all cases, the organisms
locomote with this combination. Not always equally fast, but move they
do. Next step: walls around the arena and multiple organisms together.

CPG controller(Florian):

This week I invested a lot of time into the simulation and getting things
running. I pointed out some bugs (thread problems, gravity) and
incompatibilities (examples do not fit to trunk/devel). Meanwhile, I caused
several updates in the robot3d simulator and finally, I got it somehow running.
It is still not working fully for me, but it visualizes some robots.

GRN controller (YaoYao):

In this week, I am working on using GRN approach to organize the control
system in organism. In my simulation, GRN controller could detect the
position information of the robot and then GRN controller will indicate
the role of the robot in organism.According the role of the robot in
organism, robots will receive the different inputs from environment and
implement different functions. The next step will be using GRNs to
coordinate the actions of different robot (with different roles) in

AHHS controller (Juergen, Heiko):

On the one hand we changed the implementation of the evolution manager
of our approach to be able to do online evolution. First test runs
were made in our FEP simulator, without any analysis, yet. On the
other hand we tried to install the newest version of Robot3D and did
bug reporting to help the simulation team with their efforts. For
using Robot3D for the tests, a lot of work is still to do for the
simulation team.

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