A new way to set parameters from the scene file is now available. To use it, the parameter string has to follow the following format :


Egg : The parameter to say if the robot will start as an Egg
SP : A mandatory delimiter
SupervisorParamter : The parameters concerning the supervisor (all separated by the ';' character)
TC : A mandatory delimiter
TypeController : The parameter indicating which type of controller we are using (all separated by the ';' character)
CP : A mandatory delimiter
ControllerParameter : The parameters concerning the controller of the organism (all separated by the ';' character)
MP : A mandatory delimiter
MorphogenesisParameter : The parameters concerning the morphogenesis (all separated by the ';' character)

The advantage is that you can put as many parameter as you want between two mandatory field. And others doesn't have to care about how many parameters you planned to use.

Here is an example of parameter string

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