Subtask 5 Kickoff

To facilitate the integration of the approaches for the demo a new subtask has been created.

Jean-Marc will be the spokesperson for this subtask. The status of this subtask is described below.


  • The Integrator for subtask 1 has not been chosen yet.
  • We need computers with ssh access to run experiments


  • Vojta is preparing a function getShapeOrganism(). With this, robots can know what's the shape of the organism they are in
  • Distance fitness function is done :
    • Jean-marc will make it available for the other partners of subtask 1
    • If others want to share this fitness functions, it can be provided through a high level fitness class
  • Leader Election:
    • Simple election of leader for the use of homogeneous genome
    • Would be better if each robot knows the shape of the organism
    • Can make it available to others if they need it. If no one send a request, it will stay in my source codes.
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